Annie Crawford

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Name: Annie Crawford

Where were you born and raised? Phoenix, Arizona Yes! A Native!

When did you begin running? My sophomore year at Camelback High school I was on the Girls Varsity Cross Country Team. Earned my Varsity letter by going to the AAA State Cross County Division where I placed 12 over all for the State of Arizona. We won! Go Spartans!

How did you get started running? I come from a family of runners. As a child we walked, hiked or ran all over phoenix. If you wanted to go somewhere you went on foot. I now run with my husband Stu, our daughter’s Lindy & Melissa and some amazing AZTNT running partners.

Favorite distance to run: Half Marathon it’s not too long and you get a medal at the finish line. I haven’t done one yet without one of my family members.

Favorite race: Chicago Full Marathon 2012 with my husband we finished strong and it was a blast going with AZTNT. The day after the marathon we walked 9 miles touring around Chicago on a “marathon high”.

Favorite Track N Trail event this year: Too many to list just to name a few:

Grand Canyon trip this year will be my 3rd time going with AZTNT rim to rim, Jingle Bell run at the Ballard’s everyone gets decked out for a holiday run we run the neighborhood looking at Christmas lights then we go back to the Ballads for holiday cheer till all hours of the night.

Favorite place to run: Don’t laugh but the Phoenix Zoo. I have done many running events at the zoo. You start the race when the zoo is still closed it’s very peaceful and the animals watch you as you run by their cages. It’s just a fun place to run.

Favorite Quote: From one of our very own Angie Williams my running partner (who passed last Oct from Cancer) “Pain is Temporary”  “There will always be another race” “Listen to your body”

If you could run anywhere in the world where would it be? Hawaii I have never been nor ran next to the ocean but my husband Stu surprised me by signing us up for the Honolulu Full Marathon this December.

Other Hobbies: Playing with my beautiful grandbabies & quilting

Advice for new runners: Take it slow, don’t start too fast, start with a 5 or 10k race then a half and then a full and never ever give up! Smile always at the finish line like it was a piece of cake to run.

Most importantly tell Jim & Linda Ballard what your running goals are. Listen to their advice and you will achieve them if you want them that bad.

Happy Running!

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