John Duffy

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johnduffyName: John Duffy

Where were you born and raised? Born in Los Angeles and grew up in Long Beach

When did you begin running? I started running in the early 1970’s. I recall it was just starting to get popular.

How did you get started running?

I was looking for something that would keep me physically active, since my career was in Accounting, which means you’re desk-bound most of the day. I started out just running around the neighborhood streets and at the beach on the weekends. I would enter an occasional 5K and then 10K. There were not as many events as there are today but they were gaining in popularity and each year there seemed to be more races to choose from.

Favorite distance to run:

I’d have to say my favorite distance to run today is the Half Marathon. I recently ran in 4 Half’s over about a 4 month period and really enjoyed the process and the events.

Favorite race:

Gosh, I’ve enjoyed so many races, but I’d have to say that my favorite is still my first Marathon which was the Long Beach Marathon in 1988. It was such a challenge for me to run that first full Marathon. I remember training as much as possible and reading some of the running books that were available. Up to that time I had participated in quite a few 5K’s,10K’s and a few Half’s but the Full  was the “big one” and I wondered if I was up to the challenge.

The race was good but I remember I did hit the wall at about mile 19 and my son-in-law, Norm, ran with me for the final part of the race. That encouragement was a big factor in my successful finish. It turned out that I was also to participate, many years later, with Norm in his first marathon. I was in Long Beach in 2009 and needed to get a new pair of running shoes and Norm happened to go with me. He also got a new pair of running shoes and felt they were the most comfortable shoes he had ever worn. He even started to run and decided he also wanted to try for a marathon. He was in pretty good shape to start with, being a long-time tennis player. So he trained most of 2009 and, lo and behold, he called me and said he wanted to run with me in the 2010 P F Chang. He came to AZ and we both finished the 2010 P F Chang Marathon. There’s a picture attached of us showing off our metal after the race.

Favorite Track N Trail event this year:

I’ve really enjoyed the Christmas Light Run this was my first year. I also had a great time with the club at the Phoenix Marathon/Half last March. Starting with the bib pick up at Road Runners and the Track and Trail after the race festivities and the announcer mentioning before the race the appearance of many member in their TnT shirts and saying how great it would be to join that club. I thought to myself that I’m very fortunate to already be a member.

Favorite place to run:

We have a time-share in Kona, Hawaii and when we go there I really enjoy running along the road that goes right along the ocean. By the way it’s the same route used by the Iron Man Triathlon that is held there each year.

I also feel were so fortunate here in AZ to have all the canals for running.

Favorite Quote:

I saw one the other day that I thought is good. “ At the finish, regardless of how we place, we’re all equals because we have finished a grand adventure”

If you could run anywhere in the world where would it be?

I’m thinking it may be fun to run in the Emerald Isle. We may go there in the new future and I’ll for sure bring my running shows.

I also thought the Grand Canyon was a great venue.

Other Hobbies:


Advice for new runners:

Take it slow and enjoy the process. If available get in a running club like AZ TnT.

You learn so much from the group activities and also from the other runner’s experiences about how to prepare for certain runs and also different injuries that you may (or hopefully may not) need information about.

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