Mark Zimmer

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Mark Zimmer

Name: Mark Zimmer…or Zim if you prefer

Where were you born and raised? Born in Detroit, MI, raised in Marysville, MI

When did you begin running? Ran a bit (like maybe 6 months) in college nothing until 1998, then took another break until 2007 and have been fairly consistent since then.

How did you get started running? In college I did it to try and stay active then in 1998 I dated a gal that ran the Disney Marathon. When that went south (quickly) I figured if she could run a marathon then I could as well.

Favorite distance to run: Probably the Half

Favorite race: I haven’t run a ton of races but for the sheer experience of it, the New York City Marathon would be right up there.

Favorite Track N Trail event: What’s not to like about the Bob Booker themed runs over the summer.

Favorite place to run: I really like running on trails in the early morning by myself even though I don’t do enough of it. It isn’t the safest to do alone but when the sun is coming up and you are out all alone with nature and your thoughts, it’s quite calming and serene. You almost feel like you own the world at that point.

Favorite Quote: The stupid neither forgive nor forget; the naïve forgive and forget; the wise forgive but never forget.

Favorite Song to Listen to while running: No favorite but pretty much anything Bruce Springsteen or Pearl Jam

If you could run anywhere in the world where would it be? Ireland. I hope to someday and somehow run the Moure Mountain Marathon.

Other Hobbies: I am a sports junkie but over the past few years have really gotten into soccer (I follow Everton in England and Portland in MLS).  Just recently began cycling which I like a lot and am a big animal activist and work very closely with an animal rescue called Medical Animals In Need

Advice for new runners: First get yourself a Road ID or similar medical information bracelet. You never know when it will come in handy. Second, run for yourself and for your goals and you won’t ever be disappointed.  Third, don’t put too much pressure on yourself…running is supposed to be FUN!!



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