Rita Murphy

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Name: Rita Murphy

Where were you born and raised? Flagstaff

When did you begin running?  Ran a little in high school, sprints and hurdles.  In college I started running long distance.

How did you get started running?  Always been into exercise.  I ran at Scottsdale Community College for a semester on their long distance team.  Later a couple of friends of mine got me started doing long distance.  They had me training for the LA Marathon, I was not able to run the marathon because on one of our long runs I was hit by a truck and was out of running a couple of months.

Favorite distance to run:  Half Marathons, not too short and not too long

Favorite race:  So far it has been the Boston Marathon, but I enjoy all races.  I enjoy being around all the positive people.  No matter what race it is people are so nice.

Favorite Track N Trail event:  Do not really have a lot of time right now to attend a lot of events because my kids keep me pretty busy.  I enjoy anything to do with the group.  They are all so positive and friendly.  Amazing group, feel lucky to be apart of it.

Favorite place to run:  Love running near any beach or water.

Favorite Quote: “ Don’t judge people you never know what kind of battle they are fighting”.

Favorite Song to Listen to while running:  Any fast beat music, just enjoy listening to music.

If you could run anywhere in the world where would it be?  I would love to run the New York Marathon, but I love to run anywhere as long as I can run.

Other Hobbies:  Love being on the beach, spending time with my family and friends.  And or course running!

Advice for new runners:  Never give up.  Does not matter how fast or far you run, it is all an accomplishment.  Running is the best medicine for anything life brings you.