Tom Wianecki

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Name: Tom Wianecki

Where were you born and raised? Born in Berlin WI , raised in Menasha , and after I married my wife Sheila we lived in Oshkosh till moving here 7 years ago.

When did you begin running? I took up running back in 1979.

How did you get started running? first of all I ran because my weight was up over 200 pounds , which I put on after quitting smoking in 1975. Of course a couple friends of mine started with me and one of them still runs.

Favorite distance to run: I’ve run basically every distance from the mile to the marathon , but my favorite distance was the Half marathon, it didn’t seem to be that hard to train for .

Favorite race: my favorite race to watch in the NYC marathon, My race I would enter every year was a race in Menasha WI called the Grunski Runski, they had a 10k, which I ran for a number of years since ’81, but the last couple I had to switch to the 2 mile. My last long race was the Cheesehead Run half marathon this was in 2007.

Favorite Track N Trail event: I actually like the track workout. I had a track back in Wisconsin I could use.

Favorite place to run: I always loved running trails in Wisconsin , and so did our Golden Retriever.

Favorite Quote: Juma Ikangaa, “the will to win means nothing without the will to prepare”.

Favorite Song to Listen to while running: Don’t really have a favorite , just play oldies on my Ipod.

If you could run anywhere in the world where would it be? This is really a tough one, but I think running Hwy I along the coast in California , when I was stationed there I would drive that road a lot , it was really beautiful.

Other Hobbies: My wife and I do Karaoke here in the park, Fountain of the Sun,where we live, love to sing that could be good or bad, and we are in the Variety show each year. I watch races. Love to hike, don’t do that enough.

Advice for new runners: My advice for new runners is, don’t rush in to doing really  long runs, I started running in 1979, and didn’t do my first marathon till 1984. I think the slow build up has save my joints through the years. The only injury I have ever had is when I played softball.