Tina Wenning

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plank competition 2nd place

Name: Tina Wenning

Where were you born and raised? The metropolis of Minster, Ohio (population approx. 2800)

When did you begin running? According to my parents, I was about 6 or 7 years old. I started
running competitively in junior high.

How did you get started running? I got chased by a pack of wolves as a kid…or maybe not
really. Apparently, I had done some running in P.E. class and from then, I just started running
circles around the outside of our house. I’ve always liked running. My older sister was on the
cross country team when she was in junior high, so I decided that would be fun.

Favorite distance to run: 3.14159265 miles.

Favorite race: One of my favorites was a cross country race I did every year in junior high
through high school. It was a hilly course with one hill nicknamed “the wall” because it really was
steep. That was my favorite part of the race. I don’t do many races now. I run for the fun of it.

Favorite Track N Trail event: What’s not to like?!? I really enjoy the Wednesday night track
workouts even though I had sworn off intervals after doing 1-2 interval workouts a week from
junior high through a couple years after college. I started running with AZTNT on Tuesday
nights. Jim talked me into coming out for a track workout. My running greatly improved since
starting back to the interval training. (Yes, I have you to blame, I mean thank Jim.) I also love
the GC trip. A great challenge surrounded by great people in a beautiful place!

Favorite place to run: I love exploring new places I visit by running. It’s how I learn my way
around, find restaurants or other places I want to check out.

Favorite Quote: “Into the mountains I go to lose my mind and find my soul.” -John Muir &
“The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique.” -Walt

Favorite Song to Listen to while running: Love Runs Out by One Republic, Black Parade by
My Chemical Romance or anything with a good, fast beat to get me movin’.
If you could run anywhere in the world where would it be? So many trails, so little time!

Other Hobbies: Hiking, Reading, Traveling/exploring,

Advice for new runners: Just take it one step at a time. The most important thing is that you
are out there, giving it a try. Be patient with yourself. Be proud of yourself. Have fun. And just
enjoy the journey.