Manish K. Sharma

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Name: Manish K. Sharma


Where were you born and raised?

I was born in Agra, India. With my dad needing to move often for his job, I got raised in several cities (Agra, New Delhi, Varanasi and Bangalore) within India. I have lived in the United States for 18 years. We were in the San Francisco Bay Area until 2004 and then moved to Gilbert, Arizona.


When did you begin running?

I got interested in the long distance running in late 2015. That’s when I started to train for my first half marathon (Gilbert Half in Nov. 2015). Prior to that my running was limited to just 20-minute jogging on a very irregular basis.


How did you get started running?

Surprisingly, motivation came from my workplace. My new team members were all into running, biking and other adventures. That made me wanting to try long distance running. One fine day, I just gave in to the impulse and signed up and paid for a half marathon training program. There has been no turning back since then.


Favorite distance to run: 10 K


Favorite race: So far, Phoenix-Mesa Half is my favorite


Favorite Track N Trail event: Saturday morning group runs are my favorite. I’ve entire spectrum (within reason) of the distances to choose from and I always have company regardless of my pace.


Favorite place to run: Gilbert canals and parks


Favorite Quote: Doing right thing is not optional. Do it unconditionally.


Favorite Song to Listen to while running: Whatever the nature around me is singing. Sometimes, it is just the cacophony which doesn’t seem to bother me.


If you could run anywhere in the world where would it be?

I haven’t been running for long. So, I don’t know much. I guess, it would be iconic to run on and around the Great Wall.


Other Hobbies: Building Legos with Kids, Photography, fixing stuff (more often breaking), writing computer programs and watching TV series marathon style. Some of our favorites being “Lost”, “Breaking Bad”, “Walking Dead”, “Prison Break” and “Game of Thrones”. Always looking for suggestions. We use “Big Bang Theory” and “Modern Family” as fillers while we wait for the next seasons. See, I can’t stop once I start talking about our daily streaming routine which typically starts around 11:30 pm on a good day. Happy endings of the days even though we always spill over a little into the next day.


Advice for new runners: When it comes to the running, I think I should not be allowed to give any advice yet. I have been seeking and absorbing lots of valuable advice from the fellow AZTNT runners. So, my only advise is that new runners should listen and learn from the experienced fellow runners and coaches. Train your mind to do that and your training will go smoothly with little or no bumps.