Christine Mowbray

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Christine Mowbray


Where were you born and raised?

Buffalo Grove, Illinois


When did you begin running?

Summer of 7th grade and have been hooked every since


How did you get started running?

I was actually cut from travel soccer and needed something to do after school and on the weekends. My friend’s parents ran the Chicago Marathon and I was so amazed by them that I decided I wanted to do that someday too.


Favorite distance to run:

5k or 10k


Favorite race:

Meet me downtown in Tucson night 5k in the summer, really cheap beer after the race!


Favorite Track N Trail event:

Grand Canyon trip, such a beautiful place.


Favorite place to run:

Usery Mountain Park on the Pass Mountain Trail


Favorite Quote:

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Favorite Song to Listen to while running:

Never been a fan of listening to music while running


If you could run anywhere in the world where would it be?

Any of the National Parks in New Zealand. The landscape is so diverse there.


Other Hobbies:

Planting copious amounts of flowers in my front yard, hiking and spending time with my cats at home. I take being a cat lady as a compliment.


Advice for new runners:

Give yourself small milestones. When I first started I couldn’t even run a mile, but I gave myself goals of running to the next light post and eventually you build up the distance.