Jackie Brown

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Name: Jackie Brown

Where were you born and raised? Tempe, AZ

When did you begin running? “Officially” started with my first races in 2005

How did you get started running? Not the way I would recommend… During my senior year of college, I got a road bike then randomly decided to sign up for a duathlon, which had two 5k trail runs with a ride in the middle. Although in good shape, I don’t think I had ever run more than about 2 miles at a time before that race. So looking back, it was not the brightest idea. Yet I had a great time and shortly after, I got into more racing and proper training.

Favorite distance to run: It depends on the course, company, and weather. I enjoy everything from a mile with my dog, 3 miles with the group along the canal, 5k to half marathon races, to 20 miles of trails on the weekends.

Favorite race(s): My recent favorite is the Xterra trail run series. And the Scottsdale half marathon is a lot of fun with the group.

Favorite Track N Trail event(s): Tuesday night runs and the Grand Canyon trip.

Favorite place to run: The trails and multi-use paths, particularly South Mountain and the Indian Bend wash greenbelt.

Favorite Quote: It never gets easier, you just get stronger. (Applies to both running and life!)

Favorite Song to Listen to while running: I usually don’t listen to music when running, although my running playlist for long solo runs includes songs like: Beautiful Day, Highwire, Speed of Sound, Twist and Shout, and Where are we Runnin.

If you could run anywhere in the world where would it be? Hmm… anywhere I am with running shoes that’s reasonably safe. Running is a great way to explore new places while traveling, and it’s just as good in our own “backyard.”

Other Hobbies: Cycling, triathlons, pets (dog, turtle, tortoise), random small projects at home, and cooking.

Advice for new runners: Don’t be afraid to try something new – just start gradually, ask for advice when needed, and have fun!