John Murphy

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Name:John Murphy

Where Were You Born and Raised?Brook Park, OH just outside of Cleveland.

When Did You Begin Running?About 10 yrs ago when we moved to Gilbert.

How Did You Get Started Running?Pat’s Run. I struggled until the Army Reserves came marching up behind me and I kept pace with them the rest of the way in. Then it was Ragnar Road & Trail Relay events for me with our Kilty Pleasures group of misfits.

Favorite Distance to Run:A half marathon. Training is not over the top and you can still enjoy a destination vacation.  Since Ragnar Hawaii I have switched to more hiking with knee issues but I plan to get back into some select 5k/10k events.

Favorite Race: The Flying Monkey Marathon in Nashville, TN. Kat has run it 9 yrs straight and I just volunteer at an aid station but we have a blast the whole weekend. Plus it benefits the Percy-Warner State Park.

Favorite Track’n’Trail Event:The Grand Canyon trip in 2015. A great group and a bucket list item for sure. If there was a beer mile that might be a close second. Anyone?

Favorite Place to Run: The past few years anywhere in rim country.

Favorite Quote: “When you come to a road block take a detour  “ B.Bush

Favorite Song to Listen to While Running:“Shipping Off To Boston” by the Drop Kick Murphy’s has been our Kilty Pleasures theme song for years.

If You Could Run Anywhere in the World Where Would It Be? Ireland

Other Hobbies: Camping and I used to ride metric century road bike events; however, I’m thinking about switching over to mountain biking.

Advice for new runners: Enjoy the view!