Leberta Gentile (nickname Bert)

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Name:Leberta Gentile (nickname Bert)

Where were you born and raised?  I was born in Chicago,Il and I was raised both in Blue Island and Orland Park, Il.

When did you begin running?I began running in February 2009 after I signed up to run the 2009 Chicago Marathon. I wasn’t a runner and Chicago was my first race. I got injured during training because I had no running base and the training mileage was too much for my body. With a month of rest I did run the marathon and finished. I enjoyed it so much I signed up for Chicago 2010.

Favorite distance to run:  My favorite distance to run is 4-6 miles. My favorite race was the 2016 Indianapolis Monumental Marathon because I overcame anemia and previous injuries to race this marathon.

Favorite race:  Indy is my best marathon finish and my husband Bob also PR’d

Favorite Track N Trail event:  My favorite Track N Trail event was this years Christmas party In Jan.

Favorite place to run:  . I enjoy running hills so the Hilly 6 mile loop in Palos Park, Il  is my favorite.

Favorite Quote:  My favorite quote at the moment is life is about progression not perfection.

Favorite Song to Listen to while running:  I listen to podcast when I run not music. Currently I’m obsessed with overall health and disease prevention so my favorite podcast are about nutrition.

If you could run anywhere in the world where would it be?  I’m a homebody so I haven’t done a lot of traveling in or out of the US. Two runs on my bucket list is Big Sur and Avenue of the Giants. Big Sur you run along the ocean and Avenue of the Giants your running under tall redwood trees.

Other Hobbies:  No other hobbies. Is talking a hobby?

Advice for new runners:  My advice to new runners is add rest and recovery days to your training. You will avoid injuries and get to the start line healthy. More training miles doesn’t guarantee a great race.