Cathy Bohrer

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Where were you born and raised? Am an Arizona native! Born and raised in Central Phoenix.  I lived in Glendale for 7years, then moved to Gilbert for 10 years before moving to Queen Creek 14 years ago.

When did you begin running? I only began running in the Fall of 2014. After it took me almost an hour to run 4.2 miles in my first Pat Tillman Race,that was the turning point to start a fitness regimen and become a better ME! What a wonderful gift it has been these past 3 years to give myself back the “gift of health.”

How did you get started running? I incorporated running as one of my cardio  weight loss regimens. 3 months in to my fitness lifestyle change, and after I ran the 12Ks of Christmas race I was hooked! Shredding 50 lbs, shrinking 37 ½ inches and dropping 6 dress sizes, was the motivational factor which gave me the drive and determination even to this day to keep running and achieving new running goals! As I train for my 3rd marathon and 25th race in 3 years, I can reflect back and successfully and proudly say I am a “Marathon Mom.”

Favorite distance to run: Favorite distance to run would have to be the half marathon. Running 13.1 miles is just enough of a challenge and commitment to train for to reward myself and always keeps me “Believing In Myself.”

Favorite race: Both the Lost Dutchman’s and Rock N Roll San Diego Marathons have to be my highlighted favorite races thrilled to cross the finish line as a 26.2 mom twice in 2017.

Favorite Track N Trail event: Since I have only been with the group 5 months eating pizza and beer together is always fun, but to run Mt. Lemmon Revel Race together and achieving a PR was incredibly awesome to be surrounded by an amazing support system of new running friends!

Favorite place to run: My go to “happy place” to train and run is practically in my backyard…Queen Creek Wash and Trail. Running alongside white tail bunnies, jackrabbits and roadrunners is pretty cool.

Favorite Quote: “If your mind believes it will happen, your body will find a way to make it happen! So very true!  Believing in myself has been my affirmation and continues to be my motivational reminder to what I have physically accomplished thus far on my journey of fitness and continue to strive as I set new running goals.

Favorite Song to listen to while running: I always start my music running playlist with my go to motivational motto song “Don’t Stop Believin” by Journey. It certainly has been quite the “journey of life” the last 3 years for me.

If you could run anywhere in the world where would it be? Would LOVE to run the Rock N Roll in Dublin, Ireland since I have a bit of the luck of the Irish in me!

Other Hobbies: Gardening, Baking, Crafts, Scrapbooking and being #1 sports fanatic mom to my kids and of course to all our AZ sports teams too!

Advice for new runners: “Believe in yourself, and you are half way there!” I keep a visual running journal that has kept me accountable, motivated, and on target to cross whatever finish line is my next goal. Final thought to ponder…”Success isn’t how far you got, but the distance you traveled from where you started!”