Kevin McLauchlin

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IMG_1317Name: Kevin McLauchlin


Where were you born and raised? Waterford, MI


When did you begirunning? About 4 years ago.


How did you get started running? The short version is I married into a family of runners and wanted to be part of the fun. I was well overweight and out of shape but my wife believed in me enough to sign me up for a half marathon so the training began! I would also say after a decade plus of prescription medications, problem drinking and smoking a pack a day I needed something to help free myself from that stuff. Running has been perfect!


Favorite distance to run: I don’t think there is a favorite distance. Marathon and longer I would say for a race. The short stuff hurts too bad 🙂


Favorite meal before a race and after: I struggle with some tummy issues so pre race meals are kind of boring but after a race I eat everything I get my hands on. Especially Pizza


Favorite race: I have done the Rock and Roll Arizona 3 years in a row so that might be up there. The Crown King Scramble 50k was pretty awesome! 


Favorite Track N Trail event: Love the Tuesday night crew but every event I have attended has been awesome!


Favorite place to run: anywhere anytime 


Favorite Quote: “You don’t have to be great to start but you do have to start to be great!” -Last heard from Zig Ziglar but I know he quoted someone else but I don’t remember who. 


Favorite Song to Listen to while running: Typically listen to audio books or motivational programs (I know boring)! 


If you could run anywhere in the world where would ibe? Well, as a proud Scot and a golf enthusiast I would say my number on bucket list running location would be through Scotland! 


Other Hobbies: Who has time for other hobbies? Just playing.. in my spare time which is very little I love playing golf. Also, I have found a love for cycling and trying to swim. My wife seems to have the same belief in my abilities there so I think Tri’s are in the near future. 


Advice for new runners: Just get out there and do it. If you struggle with motivation then sign up for a race! The hardest part is signing up but once you do the rest is so much fun! Sign up then show up, the hard part is done. Oh and one more thing save the PRs for race day, train smart and train happy. (Person experience backs this) Nothing worse than injuring yourself on a 3 mile canal run a week or two before a race